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The Studio provides every opportunity for you to shop, learn, and save.  When you come to our shop, make sure to check out clearance sections buckets for even greater bargains!

Take a peek at our great discounts:



Crafter's Studio has a 40% discount available for you to use on one item each visit. (under $39) No need to cut or download a coupon!

25% Referral Bonus

Pick up a business card at the Studio, turn it over & write your name on the back.  Then hand the card to someone who has not shopped at the Studio to bring along on their first visit.  They receive 25% off their entire purchase, leave the card with your name at the Studio and the next time you come in to shop you receive 25% off your entire purchase.  Simple as that!

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25% off on your 7th visit

Each time you shop pick up your customer card and bring to the checkout.  It will be dated and refiled at the store.  No need to keep an extra store card in your wallet.  Every 7th visit entitles you to 25% off your entire purchase!

25% off after class

While you are at the Studio attending a paid workshop. browse the store & receive 25% off  everything you purchase!

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